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Get more leads, make more money, and stand out from the competition.

Learn how to generate leads

Are you a new mortgage agent? Or perhaps you’re struggling to get clients? In any case, you’re here because you’re looking for proven ways to find good leads and become successful. I can help with you that!

Did you know that most new mortgage agents don’t get training from their brokerage on how to generate leads? By the time the agent realizes this, many months have passed without making a sale. As a result, over 90% of agents fail. Don’t let this happen to you!

Join me in this 8-hour action-packed training to discover how to stand out from the competition, develop strong relationships with referral partners, and generate leads.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get the best LEADS from real estate agents.
  • STAND OUT from the competition with your personal brand.
  • Quickly ramp-up your income with the right business foundation.
  • Create a POWERFUL lead generation system to attract clients that WANT to buy from you.

What you'll get:

  • 8 hours of on-demand training videos
  • Complete 10 step-by-step course modules
  • Marketing case studies
  • Ready-to-use business plan example
  • Sales pitch and email scripts

What’s in the course?

Learn how to put your best foot forward by building a solid foundation for your mortgage business.

Topics covered:

  • Create your personal brand to stand out from the competition
  • Determine your ideal (and profitable) market
  • Write an effective marketing plan to quickly increase your income
  • Learn how top producers manage their time to achieve life & work balance while running a thriving business

Learn vital skills and practical strategies to attract loyal REALTORs & referral partners to get high-quality, warm leads.

You'll discover:

  • How to get Realtors to send you their BEST leads that result in sales
  • Effective ways to WIN over referral partners and get them working for YOU
  • Key relationship building skills that make you STAND OUT from your peers

Fill your sales funnel with your ideal clients and close more deals. Learn the proven strategies used today by marketing professionals.

Topics covered:

  • How to attract high-quality clients that WANT to buy from you
  • How to write powerful ads that generate HIGH-QUALITY leads
  • In-depth case studies of ad campaigns, and what it takes to succeed

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Edward A.

As a brand new agent you can’t afford not to sign up for Victor’s mortgage masterclass. His knowledge of the industry and sales mentorship is top class. While speaking with Victor you will quickly acknowledge the passion and drive he has to create the best possible agents. While driving home the idea that when the client succeeds, and gets the best possible experience, your business will also succeed. My experience with Victor provided me with complete confidence I will succeed in the industry. The course and my talk with Victor far exceeded any expectation I had prior to my purchase. You will not regret your purchase; Victor is genuinely remarkable.

Clive M.

I really enjoy Victor’s insight and outlook on building partnerships with referral partners. With the help of Victor, understanding that it’s not about selling myself and what I can offer the referral partner, but rather bringing value to the referral partner, understanding them and how I can be of service to them. The concept of putting others before myself makes it easier and motivating to approach anyone I can to build a partnership with, approaching with intent and not a miscellaneous vague approach to selling myself and seeing how it goes.

Martine M.

Thank you very much for the hour of time you invested in speaking to me today. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and it’s always great to speak with like minded people. Your knowledge is vast, and more importantly appreciated. Looking forward to connecting with you again soon.

Maciej S.

My biggest struggle was trying to get realtors to send me leads. They would tell me they would, but never did. Now I know why! I now have a good start with 2 realtors, and already got a couple of leads! Thanks for shedding light on this, and helping me realize that being picky with who I work with can make a BIG difference!

Andrea P.

I signed up for the pre-launch because of the 1/1 coaching session. The investment has been beyond worth it. Victor amped up my enthusiasm and motivation to commit to this business with a realistic game plan. I can’t wait to get going! Thanks again, Victor!

Lavinia C.

Before signing up for your course, I ran a couple of Facebook ads that went nowhere. After completing your course, I found your marketing process and examples to be very helpful. So I redid my ads from scratch. I’m happy to say they are finally generating some leads. I’ll keep you posted! Thank you!

Anil P.

I have been a mortgage agent for almost a year. This is one of the best learning experiences I have ever experienced. I only wish I got this training from the beginning! The course is well structured and the examples are very useful. If you’re looking to become an agent, this is the way to go.

Liza G.

I appreciate how you talk very clearly and easy to understand! Awesome mortgage lessons and thanks for sharing this very important information!

Elsie May W.

Like you, I also believe in relationship selling. I’ve been in sales for over 5 years and can tell you there’s no other way to connect with your clients. I appreciated how you positioned it within the context of establishing connections with realtors and marketing mortgages. This was the key element I was missing. Good job!

Meena S.

As someone just starting their career, it was refreshing to see reasons given for the mistakes I have already made and why planning ahead and laying the ground work is a must. I can’t wait to move forward and grow in my career.

Cassie D.

An excellent course. I learnt in 8 hours what it would have taken me 8 months to learn on my own. Clear explanations, insight and examples. My most valuable takeaway? Don’t make assumptions on what people want! Especially when it comes to referral partners. I’ve put into practice your lessons on how to approach people who can send me leads. So far so good! Thanks so much for your guidance and expertise!

Lindsay D.


Working with Victor Camba is always a pleasure.  He is responsive, knowledgeable, and professional at all times.  He is able to explain the mortgage process clearly and answer any questions I have.  If you are looking for a mortgage professional, look no further than Victor!

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  • Get instant access to 10 modules for a full year.
  • 8 Hours of on-demand step-by-step training videos.
  • Ready to use Email templates and sales pitch examples.
  • Marketing case studies to help attract your best clients and referral partners.
  • Ready to use 90-day Business plan example

For Canada & United States

This course focuses on developing your target market, forging relationships with referral partners, and building your lead generating system. The principles and strategies taught can be applied to any mortgage market across Canada and the United States.

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