How to Become a
Mortgage Agent in Ontario

3 Steps on How to Become a Mortgage Agent in Ontario

You’ve decided to become a mortgage agent in Ontario. Now what?

There are many resources available on how to become a mortgage agent in Ontario. However, a key step they all miss is on how to generate leads. Oddly enough, knowing how to generate leads is not a requirement to getting your mortgage agent license! But a license won’t do you much good if you can’t generate leads.

Did you know, that about 90% of mortgage agents fail in their first year of business because they did not receive the proper lead generation and business training? Don’t let this happen to you!

If you want to be a successful mortgage agent in Ontario, you must follow these 3 key steps.

Step 1

Meet the basic requirements.

Step 2

Learn how to generate leads.

Step 3

Join a mortgage brokerage.

To become a mortgage agent in Ontario, you must obtain a license from FSRA. FRSA stands for Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario. They regulate the mortgage brokerage industry. The fee for a new mortgage agent license is $941.

However, before applying for a license to become a mortgage agent in Ontario, you must meet the basic requirements. In Ontario, some of these things are: be 18 years of age or older, be a resident of Canada, and have a mailing address in Ontario. A full set of requirements can be found on the FSRA website.

You must also take an approved mortgage agent licensing course and pass a final exam. On FSRA’s website you can find the course providers. Currently they are REMIC, CMBA and MPC. The cost ranges from the mid $300 to $400, depending on your study needs. These courses teach the basics of mortgage concepts, regulation and legislation. But they do not teach you how to sell or get clients. That’s where step 2 comes in.


Meet the mortgage agent basic requirements.

If you really want to succeed, you must invest in yourself, and get training for mortgage business development. This is very important, as it will help you avoid costly mistakes and wasting time. It will also help you determine who to market to, how to network, and how to generate leads.

Brokerages generally only provide training on products and procedures. It is up to you to know how to build a business, attract clients, generate leads, and sell. That’s the reality of this business. There are no short-cuts and brokerages rarely give leads to new inexperienced agents.

The best mortgage agent training is provided by the Mortgage Masterclass. This is an 8-hour on-demand video training. You’ll learn how to market yourself and stand out from the competition, how to network and generate leads. You’ll also learn how to write a solid business and marketing plan to ensure you stay on track for success. By learning key skills now, and applying them in the first 90-days of your career, you dramatically increase your chances for success.

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Learn the business and how to generate leads.

The 3rd key step on how to become a mortgage agent in Ontario is to join a mortgage brokerage. The brokerage will initiate your application for a mortgage agent license.

But before you apply to a brokerage, you must prepare in advance! Also, don’t just choose any brokerage! Do your research on the brokerages you wish to apply to.

Just as with applying for any job, you want to put your best foot forward to impress a brokerage. You will need a well written resume, business and marketing plan. The Mortgage Masterclass is designed to help you accomplish this. It is important to demonstrate to the brokerage that you have done your research and have a realistic plan to succeed. This will also help you negotiate a better contract with higher commission splits. The difference could earn you thousands of dollars more!

If you are not prepared, or show that you lack business development knowledge, you will only be accepted by brokerages that sign up new agents for fees, have poor commission splits, and provide very little in return.

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Join a mortgage brokerage.


My biggest struggle was trying to get realtors to send me leads. They would tell me they would, but never did. Now I know why! I now have a good start with 2 realtors, and already got a couple of leads! Thanks for shedding light on this, and helping me realize that being picky with who I work with can make a BIG difference!

Maciej S.

I signed up for the pre-launch because of the 1/1 coaching session. The investment has been beyond worth it. Victor amped up my enthusiasm and motivation to commit to this business with a realistic game plan. I can’t wait to get going! Thanks again, Victor!

Andrea P.

Before signing up for your course, I ran a couple of Facebook ads that went nowhere. After completing your course, I found your marketing process and examples to be very helpful. So I redid my ads from scratch. I’m happy to say they are finally generating some leads. I’ll keep you posted! Thank you!

Lavinia C.

I have been a mortgage agent for almost a year. This is one of the best learning experiences I have ever experienced. I only wish I got this training from the beginning! The course is well structured and the examples are very useful. If you’re looking to become an agent, this is the way to go.  

Anil P.

I appreciate how you talk very clearly and easy to understand! Awesome mortgage lessons and thanks for sharing this very important information!

Liza G.

Like you, I also believe in relationship selling. I’ve been in sales for over 5 years and can tell you there’s no other way to connect with your clients. I appreciated how you positioned it within the context of establishing connections with realtors and marketing mortgages. This was the key element I was missing. Good job!

Elsie May W.

As someone just starting their career, it was refreshing to see reasons given for the mistakes I have already made and why planning ahead and laying the ground work is a must. I can’t wait to move forward and grow in my career.

Meena S.

An excellent course. I learnt in 8 hours what it would have taken me 8 months to learn on my own. Clear explanations, insight and examples. My most valuable takeaway? Don’t make assumptions on what people want! Especially when it comes to referral partners. I’ve put into practice your lessons on how to approach people who can send me leads. So far so good! Thanks so much for your guidance and expertise!

Cassie D.

Working with Victor Camba is always a pleasure.  He is responsive, knowledgeable, and professional at all times.  He is able to explain the mortgage process clearly and answer any questions I have.  If you are looking for a mortgage professional, look no further than Victor!

Lindsay D.


Victor is a rock star.  We were not the easiest clients to deal with and had some very specific issues to work with.  Most certainly had we tried to refinance our home by ourselves we would not have gotten what we had hoped for.  Victor took the time to understand our situation, what are wants and needs were and made it work!  I can’t say enough about Victor other than you would be crazy not to take advantage of his knowledge, relationships with banks and his true caring of the people he works with! In short, we will work with Victor again and so should you!

Debbie P.



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